So you’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What exactly is ChatClass NG?

ChatClass NG is a micro certification marketplace. Think of us as Jumia and/or Konga marketplace but for micro-certifications.

What is the ChatClass NG premise?

  1. Micro-certifications can be completed in far less time and at far less cost than the full certification itself.
  2. Life, as we know is a two-way street. Based on our research, Interactions with you will boost interactions, learning engagements and your overall learning experience. Classes can be LIVE (Online or Offline) or RECORDED based on the tutor preferences.

What happens when the tutor misses a class?

It is important to note that the tutors who teach on the ChatClass NG platform are not our staff or affiliates. However, we encourage you to report this to as soon as you can. We will look into the cause for the occurrence, we will immediately arrange another class at no extra cost to you. *Terms and conditions apply.


Is ChatClass NG open to everyone?



I am not available for the time scheduled. Can I reschedule my class? 

You may not reschedule the live class with the tutor but you would have access to the content that was discussed in the previous class and have the opportunity to ask your questions if any.


What happens when my payments expire?

The class ends.

The Subject(s) i/we want isn’t listed. What do i/we do?

Please send us an email to support@chatclass.ng.

How about assessments (homework)?

All assessments will be sent and received via email.


I/We will be traveling out of Nigeria soon. Can my lessons continue?

Yes. You will be required to send us an email containing the new location and time zones for documentation purposes.

I am not Nigerian. Neither do I reside in Nigeria. Can ChatClass NG work for me?

Yes. See previous answer.


Does ChatClass NG issue certificates? 

Yes, and they are sent to you digitally via email. Our certificates reflect participation, understanding of concept and the ability to teach others via a knowledge transfer situation.

What is your refund policy?

ChatClass NG does not refund payments made for classes on our platform. However, we may provide a rescheduled class at your convenience or a specified discount on the next class.