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Email Marketing is dead…or is it?


It’s not uncommon to hear these days, often pronounced like a death sentence; “Email marketing is dead”.

A couple of years ago, I worked at a major financial institution. During the weekly marketing meetings, someone from the marketing department would announce proudly; “we have over (insert some vaguely high number)email addresses and we have sent information about (this) product to them”. There were hardly any conversions from those emails. You are likely to know someone or some organization/ startup who is in exactly this same position right now and probably wondering why they don’t ever make conversions.

A lot of businesses, big brands et al as well as entrepreneurs, unfortunately, believe this fallacy and fail to use email marketing for their businesses. I am not talking about click baits, free stuff et al. Truth is unless you know what I know, you are likely to agree with them and miss out on the opportunity to leverage on it for your brand.

Q: Why do some brands have massive email databases and others struggle to even get people to read theirs?

Q: Should you buy email addresses for your campaigns? or why shouldn’t you?

Q: How often should you send out emails to prospective and/or converted customers?

Q: What are touch points and how do you leverage on them for email marketing?

This course answers all of that and more. I have put together the email marketing module from my very exclusive social media masterclass for just ten (10) people. Yep, you read that correctly.

Why should I teach you though? Excellent question.

  1. I have been a social media freelancer, had a Job as a social media manager, been a social media consultant and now run my own agency. I have gone full circle.
  2. I have worked on over 200 projects over the last 3 years across several sectors ranging from banking, stockbroking, cinemas, events, radio/ youtube shows, human resources, non-profits, movies, schools, FMCGs all the way to mining and solid minerals. So yeah, I have lots of experience.

What do I intend to teach at this class? The basics of email marketing from start to finish.

  1. Email marketing systems and structure.
  2. The power of great content and copywriting.
  3. Email marketing platforms and tools.
  4. Email marketing analytics.
  5. The secret ingredient for email marketing.

Class Structure:

Duration: 2 hours.

Date: Sunday 30th June 2017.

Time: 2pm- 4pm.

Course fee(s):

A hugely discounted fee of NGN 15,000 ($37.5).

Venue: You have the option of attending virtually or physically.

Virtual class: Google hangouts.

Physical class: ChatClass NG HQ, Prince Ganiyu Babalola close, Olayemi Ayobo Lagos.

Here is what one of my students had to say:

Femi is an outstanding instructor who understands social media with confidence. He did a great job in using practical examples to illustrate a point and using easy to understand terminologies to explain concepts.

Olaoluwa Alabi; Founder; Dream Tribe.

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