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Enjoy 50% discount on Social Media classes


Incase you missed it….you probably did. From today the 23rd of March till 30th April, 2017, we are giving a 50% discount off our social media classes. That means that instead of paying N50,ooo (USD 100) for the course, you get to pay N25,000 (USD 50)…..just like that.

The social media course is a 2month 7 module masterclass- (weekends only) on social media management to get you all the training and support you need to succeed:
1. Develop and execute social media strategies that deliver results.
2. Get a well-paid job as a social media manager
3. Make extra money as a freelance social media manager
4. Launch and grow a successful social media company.

Well, what are you waiting for? Register here.

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